Kaori Ota One-Piece Black-White-Red Swimsuit Body Sun Tanning Summer Resort House Living Room Scene

Kaori Ota wearing her black bathing suit with the white and red color as she’s one of the girls in the summers, the pools and the games but her clothes, shirts and shorts, jumpsuits, jeans, pants, jackets, belts, shoes, skirts, coats, boots, dresses, gowns, vests, uniforms, sashes, beach skirts, beach towels, beach hats, beach jackets, scarfs, stockings, pajamas, towels, robes, cloaks, wetsuits, gloves, tracksuits, diving suits, ski suits and bikinis is all taking away and destroyed as the sun tanning turn her house into the tanning land after she’s wearing her swimsuit and she’s remove her clothes when she’s accidentally switching the machine to warming her house up with the extremely hots by the boys and the amateurs from the neighborhood but the sun tanning machine continue warming her up with more hot effects to making her the unstoppable champion but she’s escape her house thank to the door falldown from the sun tanning machine as her house into the toast breads thank to her sun tanning machine without the warning and she’s going to the hotel to sneaking the laundry clothes trolley as the workers taking the trolley and her to the guestrooms and she’s pop out from the clothes trolley to stay the guestroom for the night for the competition game tomorrow as she’s didn’t need her clothes anymore for her choice to win the golden medals, diamond tiara and the priceless trophy after the competition game finished to become new queen of the female players, contestants, champions and competitors in the one-piece swimsuits of the World’s Famous Games and she’s working with the model company.