Toppersprinkle Cake One-Piece Yellow Swimsuit Body Sun Tanning City House White Room Scene

New Girl named Toppersprinkle Cake wearing her yellow bathing suit as she’s one of the girls in the summer, the pool and the games but her clothes, shirts and shorts, jumpsuits, jeans, pants, jackets, belts, shoes, skirts, coats, boots, dresses, gowns, vests, uniforms, sashes, beach, skirts, beach towels, beach hats, tights, stockings, leggings, socks, towels, robes, cloaks, wetsuits, tracksuits, diving suits, ski suits and bikinis is all taking away and destroyed as she’s tanning herself in the sun tanning chamber of the white room after she’s unpacking the stuffs when she’s arriving at the Canterlot City the Human world of the Equestria Girls alongside with her family for new life by the boys and the amateurs from the neighborhood but she’s continue her tanning for her abilities and her mother or father turn off the tanning chamber for the hour later as she’s going to her bedroom for the tournament tomorrow as she’s didn’t need her clothes anymore for her choice to win the golden medals, diamond tiara and the priceless trophy after the tournament finished to become new queen of the players, contestants, champions and competitors in the one-piece swimsuits of the World’s Famous Games and new student of Crystal Prep Academy as she’s one of Jade Shineheart’s Best Friends.